Hey There!

I’m Steve Dougherty, the creator of this site and its contents.

Thank you for taking the time to check things out and if you’ve purchased from me then thank you for your business also.

You are in good hands when it comes to the articles, audios & training videos on this site. Whether you are wanting to rebrand/resell them or just learn from them, these high-quality content packs are a great investment.

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One of the things that prompted me to begin creating rebrandable how-to content & other Internet Marketing Products, was the frustration I felt when trying to learn something new from YouTube videos (or other platforms) that left many important details out because the trainer either didn’t know those details or they assumed I did.

On top of that, the majority of those YouTube videos were so outdated the items on my computer looked nothing like those shown in the videos

So I set out to change that and I hope you like (and learn from) the outcome.

In case you do not know who I am, here is a little background:

I come from a loving military family. Our regular moving from base to base had its pluses and minuses but one of the biggest (looking back on it) advantages was the requirement to quickly learn to blend in and make new friends.

This developed some communication skills that have allowed me to absorb information and pass it on in an easy-to-understand non-techie way.

I also get my jollies from helping people.

As many of the testimonials I receive talk about, I’ll help you before, during, and of course after you have made a purchase.

Feel free to test that by simply sending me a question.

Fair Warning:

1. I tend not to provide one or two-word answers. I want to provide an understanding as well as the answer & sometimes that requires a paragraph or 5.

2. My knowledge of quantum physics is fuzzy so please avoid any questions on that topic.

I want to make learning different aspects of Internet Marketing easy & fun for you and your Customers.

I hope I can be that someone for you.

– Steve D.